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StageGear’s Technical Experience.
StageGear Ltd’s technical team have been specialists in the Sound and Noise control field since 2003, and are pleased to offer you advice on the appropriate type of sound or noise limiter and even noise activated signs for your venue and situation. StageGear Ltd. also supplies industrial noise warning products to assist companies and employers in complying with the health and safety at work regulations. 
Automatic Volume Control devices – DJ’s & pre recorded Music solutions
Mains Switching Control devices – Live Music Solutions
The majority of Local Authorities and Environmental Health Officers, (EHO’s) now require the installation of an electronic sound or noise limiter as a condition of approving or renewing a venue’s licence. This includes not only Public Houses, Night Clubs and Bars but even Community Spaces, Village halls, Houses of Worship, Restaurants, Hotels and other entertainment venues, to minimise the number of possible complaints from neighbouring properties regarding noise pollution.

 Schools and colleges are also being asked to fit a sound or noise limiter in music department practice rooms in order to protect students from possible damage to pupil’s hearing and noise nuisance to other learning areas.

From April 2008 Entertainment venues must also comply with The Control of Noise at Work Regulations to ensure that employee’s hearing is protected.

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