Hotel Wedding Venue Noise Problem

A hotel wedding venue had complaints from its neighbours due to excessive noise levels from Mobile Discos and Live Bands. The music was played at various locations within the venue including a marquee in the grounds. The SL2000PP plug and play noise limiter was the ideal solution.

The SL2000P, designed by Stagegear Technicians in 2004 as a portable unit perfect for this application, could easily be relocated to any point that music was played. It could be set, using the included hand held decibel meter to provide a visual warning when the sound level at the neighbours property exceeded the limit for the location, and to cut off mains power from the performers equipment if they ignored the warning lights.

Temporary Marquee Venue with High Power Mains Requirement

A large Manor House function venue who used a Marquee in the gardens for their large corporate and wedding functions required a noise limiter for use in the temporary structure. The sound limiter had to be able to supply a full 30Amps of mains power and provide a remote visible warning to the performers. StageGear Ltd custom manufactured changes to the SL2000P to provide 13 amp mains socket outlets on the front panel together with a standard 32Amp plug and suitable cable for the incoming 240v mains supply. A SL2000LRD Large remote display using LED lamps was also supplied on a remote cable to provide a ”remote” display of the limiters activity and placed at the front of the stage for easy vision to the band members.
Public House in a Residential Area

A public house in a small village was about to be banned from playing music due to some complaints from neighbours regarding noise from the Live bands. They needed a noise limiter urgently to ensure the Environmental Health officer would allow a a planned event to be held that weekend. Stagegear Ltd supplied an SL2000KIT on a next day delivery to be installed quickly by their regular electrican, who did not need to be concerned that he was missing the microphone or remote indicator cables, and could use the included Hand Held sound level meter to complete the job in time.

Fun Pub Requires Sound Limiter for DJ & Live Music

A Fun Pub who needed to limit the volume for its installed DJ sound system as well as the PA for the Live Bands it had mid week. The DJ system had to have its overall volume limited to preset levels without the need for a complete shutdown of the music playback, and the Live music needed a system that would turn the power off to the ”back line” guitar amplifiers. StageGear Ltd recommended the Formula Sound Sentry for the Live Bands and the Formula Sound AVC2D to work between the DJ mixer and Amplifer system, these were also linked together as the noise control solution. 

Industrial Manufacturing Area

A small manufacturing company had various machines and processes which produced a noise level of more than 85dB.  The Factorie”s staff did not want to wear hearing protection unnecessary but the company had to comply with health and safety at work regulations.  StageGear Ltd recommended and supplied a noise activated warning sign.

The sign would illuminate automatically when the noise reached a level which could cause hearing damage and workers would be alerted to the fact that hearing protection should be worn