Decibel Comparison Chart


Threshold of Pain140Jet Engine (75ft away)Painful & Dangerous
 130Jet Aircraft during take off (300ft away)
Threshold of Feeling120Hard Rock Band (with amplification)Deafening
 110Accelerating Motorcycle at a few feet away.
 100Car Horn at 10ft / Footbal Crowd / Printing PressVery Loud
 90Pneumatic Concrete Breaker
Threshold of hearing loss80Café with sound reflecting surfacesLoud
(long term exposure)70B-757 Aircraft cabin during flight / Crackling of food wrapper (2ft away)
 60Near Road Traffic (when greater than 55dB road & rail annoy most people)Moderate
Speech 50-70dB50Office Environment
 40Soft Stereo Music at homeFaint
 30Home environment without stereo, late at night
 20Whisper / Audiometric testing roomVery Faint
 10Russle of leaves in breeze / Human breathing
Threshold of hearing0