Castle Group Electronic Orange

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The Castle Electronic Orange Noise Controller is connected to the main power supply for the amplification equipment, the Electronic Orange flashes a warning when pre set sound levels are exceeded. If the operator doesn''t turn down the sound within a pre-set time, an automatic cut off activates. The music never has to stop, because a warning light flashes if the limit is exceeded, and only when this is ignored does the power supply cut off to prevent further abuse.

Technical Data:
MEASURING RANGE: 75 dB to 112.5dB steps switch selectable 2.5dB
variable calibration control (factory set)
TRIP TIME: User adjustable 1 to 10 seconds
POWER SWITCHING : 240v 30A load or external contacter.
Manual: Tripped unit must be manually reset.
Auto: Tripped unit automatically resets after trip time.
Override: Power output is maintained even during trip condition.
Manual, Auto and Override are key switch selectable.
FREQUENCY WEIGHTING: ‘A’ and ‘B’ in accordance with IEC651 Type 2
TIME WEIGHTING:Slow response (1000mS)
Bar Graph display showing sound pressure level.
Trip indication LED’s showing source.
Warning Indication.
Manual reset prompt.
AC: 1Vms for FSD. output impedance <1000r
Short circuit protected Power ±12v, 0V Power for accessories.
MICROPHONE: Pre-polarised 1/2” (12.7mm) Condenser Microphone Sensitivity 12mV/Pa Capacitance 15pF Preamp output impedance 550R Cable Mounted
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT: 200W x 240H x 600mm – 1.5Kg