MRC Audio EQ Limit Sound Limiter & Data Logger

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The limiter/controller EQlimit means a further step in noise control. It still keeps the sound quality that has always characterized our devices and has a powerful software control that permits more possibilities of control in a musical event

It has two measuring channels, by means of two different microphones, applying "C" "A" or "BASS" weighting.

The control signal is compared to levels prefixed by timetable and date. In case of limitation, whether the input signal and/or power amplifiers are raised, the sound level in the establishment will not exceed the specified threshold. The limiter's activity is signalled by a group of LEDs. The device will keep on limiting even if the signal is raised more than 60dB. When the input signal exceeds a level near the maximum, the limiter signals, by means of a LED called AUDIO, to advice of possible signal distortion.

The audio level control mode can be chosen among microphone signal and line out signal, and in both cases in a global scheme or by frequency bands.

The limiting circuit is still one of the important advantages of this device, because its design imposes a maximum level but without abrupt music fading, attaining a high quality in the listening even with high attenuation levels. This avoids the trend of many users to manipulate when the effects of the limiter alter the music quality. Also it remembers the last attenuation level when the input signal is interrupted, in such a way that, when the input signal is back, there are no abrupt high levels as happens with other similar devices that produce high peak levels as they adapt again to the needed attenuation level. 

It has a global gain adjust for both channels, by means of which we can proportionate the sound system's maximum level to the real level required, avoiding the need to reduce that difference by means only of active limitation. This ensures a maximum sound level without the limiter limiting normally.

All these adjustments are only possible by means of control software, SCL, that requires a license leased to the user and a password for the limiter, which avoids unauthorised manipulation. For more security against manipulation, the rear panel connections and the microphone, all have protecting sealable lids.

The optional remote display is housed in a separate enclosure in order to install it at an appropriate location, making possible to provide permanent information about the limiter's action to the user of the system.

The mains input connectors and cables comply with security standards and are of the normalized type IEC, with several international organizations' approvals, and have earth connection. The device has protecting fuse accessible from the outside. All this, in order to comply with the "Low Voltage" directives. At the same time the design and materials used, make the device comply with the European directive for electromagnetic compatibility.

As an ideal complement for its installation and adjusting, the device has a pink noise generator for initial automatic calibration. This allows to make the adjustments and measures in a more comfortable and reliable manner.